About us

Brand Story

From 2000 to 2014, I ran a computer programming and physics education academy for gifted students to help them enter top schools. After experiencing the pain that students and parents go through due to excessive competition for entrance exams, I began to reflect on the fundamental purpose of education.
Robogram was founded with the aim of restoring the joy of learning that students used to have when they were younger. Since 2018, I have developed Robogram’s coding education content based on my 20 years of experience in computer programming education.
While most educational content focuses on the top 20% of exceptional students, Robogram is focused on helping the 80% of ordinary students. We believe that ordinary students can discover their hidden talents through fun and engaging learning experiences.
We also believe that computational thinking offers many opportunities for ordinary students. Robogram offers intuitive educational content that encourages computational thinking and enables ordinary students to experience a sense of achievement.
Robogram is dedicated to helping ordinary students discover the joy of learning through trial and error.
Founder and CEO,
Sung Changkyung.