Jem S

Why Jem S ?

Have you heard about
Roblox Game ?

If you’re a K-12 student, you’ve probably answered “Of course,”
but if you’re a parent or teacher, maybe not.
Roblox is one of the world’s most popular game engines,
loved by K-12 students with 56 million daily active users in 2022.
Many brands have also created their own Metaverse with Roblox.
Jem S is a user-friendly block coding software that can be used with Roblox Studio.
It allows us to create our own games and Metaverse without having to use difficult text coding.
With Jem S,
we can naturally understand the coding algorithm by creating our own world of imagination.

Level 1 Essential

For coding beginner from 10 years old and above


  • With Jem S, we can create the background (map), characters, and movements
    at Roblox Studio, which are essential elements of the Metaverse.
  • We can review and refine the results immediately after building the block coding,
    experiencing the feeling of creating our own Metaverse.
    This is the process of understanding the coding algorithm.